Radar maps for Germany

rad_month rad_24h rad_pg

  • Reflectivity every 5 minutes,
    incl. loops for past hours
  • 1h, 6h and 24h-precipitation,
    incl. archive for 24h-precipitation
    (from July 2014 on)
  • Current month's precipitation,
    incl. archive from July 2014 on

Observations: Station data

Daily maps of Tmin, Tmax, 24h-precip. and Snow (Europe)

Snow RR24h Tmax Tmin Snowdiff Synop station observations (updated once a day).

From left to right: Minimum and maximum temperature, 24h-precipitation and snow depth at 06UTC of current day.

Bottom right: Change of snow depth within the last 24h.

Zoom plots of the above maps

       Min. temp. Germany  |  Max. temp. Germany  |  24h-precip. Germany  |  Snow depth Germany  
       obs. panel Alps  |  obs. panel Denmark  

Similar maps from overseas

       24h-precip. USA  |  24h-precip. Australia  |  Snow depth USA  

Hourly synop station reports for Europe

       Temperature /3h  |  Dewpoint /3h  |  Pressure /3h  |  Pressure tendency /3h  |  Wind /3h
       Cloud cover /3h  |  Weather /3h  |  Station map /3h  |  6/12h precipitation

Mapped station reports for Germany


  • 24h-precipitation and Snow depth,
    with about 1600 stations
  • updated daily @13:55CET, 3 days delay
  • online archive: until 1st January 2006,
    for earlier dates back until 1890 please send me an email.