News (don't call it blog...)

DEC 29

WRF-GEM now for 3 days WRF-GEM_3days The WRF-GEM run driven by the Canadian global model GEM is now being computed for 3 days, instead of only 2. There is only one run in the morning (00Z).

JUL 01

3-day forecast WRF4km @00Z WRF4km The morning run (00Z) of the 4km-WRF has been extended to cover a 3-day forecast period now. For the moment, the evening run (12Z) stops after day 2 (54h) as it used to.

JUN 20

Thunderstorm-composie archive back online severe2015 Thunderstorm composite charts, based on 3h-forecasts of 12Z GFS runs for 15UTC, are back online archived in the section "Misc.". Past years are also available back until 2008.

JUN 17

GFS Meteogram generator GFS_metmap Added a meteogram generator for the GFS, too. The meteograms are generated live via map click and cover the coming 6 days. The generation is now also speed-up, except for locations outside of Europe (still ca. 2 min).

MAR 16

Added plots to GFS output GFS_newmaps Several new plots have been added to the GFS maps. They include pressure tendencies, helicity and shear and an isentropic map for the PV2-plane.

FEB 01

GFS world weather up-to-date again worldweather Quasi-analysis (+6h forecast) maps for several regions of the world, as well as hemispheric and global plots of all available parameters.

JAN 20

Stratosphere maps up-to-date again stratosphere Analysis and forecast maps for 20hPa level based on the GFS' 00Z/12Z runs have been re-implemented into the routine output.

JAN 15

GFS upgrade successful The National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) has successfully upgraded its Global Forecast System (GFS). This update includes higher resolution output (now 0.25°) and better model physics, e.g. snow depth, clouds and near-surface temperature and winds.
More details: NCEP bulletin